Community Outreach

A collection of some of our favorite Community Outreach events!

Mentoring FTC & FLL Teams

Together, we have over 20 to 30 years of FIRST Robotics knowledge. And we feel it’s essential to share it. In this post, we’d like to highlight two events aimed at disseminating our team’s skills and experience to other FIRST Robotics teams, enabling them to build their Robotics repertoires.  FLL Skills Demonstration Most recently, we Read more about Mentoring FTC & FLL Teams[…]

Virtual FIRST Lesson Series

FIRST Robotics is a wonderful program (check out our award-winning video to learn why). Unfortunately, FIRST can be intimidating for students who lack prior experience, especially since the challenge presented each year is difficult and demands a great deal of programming and mechanical knowledge. To increase accessibility, we ran a Virtual FIRST Lesson Series over Read more about Virtual FIRST Lesson Series[…]

Root of Robotics Discord Server

We created the Root of Robotics Discord Server as a way to provide a safe space for underrepresented minorities in STEM, beginners looking for resources to propel their journey in robotics and science (no experience needed!), seasoned robotics enthusiasts, and everyone in between. The idea for this discord came from our thoughts about how high Read more about Root of Robotics Discord Server[…]


There have been many programs circulating around which allow people to print face shields during this pandemic. However, we recognize that in these difficult times, not everyone has access to resources such as a 3D printer. Many people are struggling with basic needs, such as food and water, and those who are affected are faring Read more about PRINT4OURLIVES – The Fight Against COVID[…]